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LF Extender LPL Mount Upgrade

This upgrade package will help streamline your on-set experience, reduce unnecessary complexity of using additional intermediary adapters, and let you focus on the job at hand.

Price $599.00
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Modern Conveniences
Upgrade service includes:
  • • Stainless Steel LPL Mount
  • • ABS Rear Atlas Lens Co. LPL Cap
  • • Comprehensive recalibration and mounting service by the Atlas Lens Co. Service team

Our LPL upgrade service package is available for all existing LF Extender (PL to PL) owners.

All LPL mount upgrades require sending in your existing LF Extender for precise installation and collimation of the LPL mount by the Atlas Service team. Service takes 5-7 business days (excluding shipping time).

Once you place an order for an LPL Upgrade package, our team will reach out and help coordinate the shipping of your extender to our Service team.

If you have any questions about the LPL Upgrade package or process, please contact our sales team at



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