Orion Series "B" Set 32/50/80 Anamorphic Primes PREORDER DEPOSIT

Orion Series "B" Set 32/50/80 Anamorphic Primes PREORDER DEPOSIT


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Atlas Lens Co. is excited to announce the next Focal Lengths in our Orion Series Anamorphic Prime lenses.

The set of 32/50/80 are referred to as "B" set. 40/65/100 are referred to as the “A” set.

The announcement of our 40mm, 65mm, and 100mm T2 Anamorphic Prime lenses during NAB 2017 was the culmination of years of research, development, and examination of what we as cinematographers have discovered about lenses and what we want to make available for a new generation of image makers.

NAB 2018 brings a new announcement which will enhance the range and usability of our Orion Series - the 32mm T2, 50mm T2, and 80mm T2 anamorphic primes - slated for shipping by Q2 2019 represent an exciting expansion of the family, and we believe will be a welcome new addition to the cinematographic landscape.

With the availability of newer digital sensors from major camera manufacturers, which are capable of Full Height anamorphic formats, we think it is only fitting that we make available a greater range of lens choices for the discerning cinematographer.

The Retail List Price of Orion Series “B” set of 32mm/50mm/80mm is $24,995

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Visit the Orion Series page for Overview and Technical Specs.

*Final product size, weight, and retail prices are subject to change.

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