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Orion Series and Alexa LF Mini Sensor Coverage

Orion Series and Alexa LF Mini Sensor Coverage

Jul 07, 2020

Larger format cameras are here to stay - expanding our opportunities with more creative choices.

To explore what some of these choices look like, we paired the Alexa Mini LF with the Atlas Orion series of lenses.

The Orion Series lenses are designed to cover traditional academy aperture, but they can also provide a variety of coverage options for different delivery formats across larger format capture. From more traditional center extractions to ‘Ultra-Anamorphic’ explorations with the LF extender (which allow the use of the full width of a large format sensor), the range of extractions from each individual lens opens up many different options.

We wanted to explore what some of these options might look like using the Alexa Mini LF, and show how the Orion Series of lenses can be used in a variety of ways. Here, we’re also showing our lenses with and without our LF Extender to showcase some additional options.

All footage shot at ‘LF Open Gate 4.5K’
36.70x25.54mm/4448x3096 - (@2x lens squeeze = 8896x3096)

High-res TIFF Files for Atlas Orion + Alexa Mini Coverage

We’ve included a series of high-resolution tiff files to simplify your own side-by-side comparison of different focal lengths (both with and without our LF Extender). We also welcome you to use these in experimenting with your own aspect ratio extractions or color grading explorations.

For full edge-to-edge coverage with Orion Series

Pairing our Orion Series with our 1.6x LF Extender allows for full, edge-to-edge coverage for ARRI LF, Sony VENICE, RED Monstro, Kinefinity and other LF/FF/VV formats with no vignetting. While optimized to give superior optical performance with the Orion Series lenses even wide open, you may also use it with a variety of other zoom and prime lenses with a moderate light loss of only 1 and 1/3 stop.

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Bring your vision to life.

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