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For cinematographers, by cinematographers

Orion Series 2x Anamorphic Primes

Orion Series lenses deliver the striking beauty of painterly waterfall bokeh, disproportionate breathing, and signature yet controlled flare.

At the heart of Atlas Lens Co. Orion Series is a true front-anamorphic group. They offer vintage optical characteristics to include in your cinematic storytelling toolkit with a mechanical functionality that won't leave you feeling confounded by compromise. 

Orion Series Anamorphic Lenses are built to be a universal filmmaking tool - ready for the latest Digital Cinema PL mount cameras like Arri Alexa or Red DSMC2, Canon mount cinema cameras like the C300, or adapted Sony E-Mount or Micro 4/3 cameras, and are even designed to accommodate the rotating mirror shutter of 35mm Motion Picture Film Cameras following Arri PL Flange requirements. Whether your project requires you to shoot digital or film, the Orion Series T2 has the coverage you need and boasts a larger than S35mm Image Circle. 

Why anamorphic?

The same vertical field-of-view of an equivalent spherical focal length gives you twice the horizontal field-of-view (2X).

Capture wide-angle images with the shallow depth-of-field of a telephoto prime lens, creating a uniquely cinematic sense of depth and perspective magnification.

Anamorphic for all.

We wanted to create the lenses we wanted for our own films – optically pleasing yet mechanically robust – and share anamorphics with more image-makers everywhere.

All New Orion Series Lenses

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BABYLON (2022)

DP: Linus Sandgren, FSF, ASC

Filmed on

Orion Series (Custom Tuned)

Everything Everywhere All at Once

DP: Larkin Seiple

Filmed on

Orion Series

Don't Look Up (2021)

DP: Linus Sandgren, FSF, ASC

Filmed on

Orion Series

Germinal (2021)

DP: Xavier Dolléans

Filmed on

Orion Series

Bliss (2021)

DP: Markus Förderer

Filmed on

Orion Series + RED Monstro

The Hardy Boys (Hulu)

DP: Fraser Brown

Filmed on

Orion Series + RED Helium


DP: Eric Blanckaert

Filmed on

40mm Orion + RED Monstro

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