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Presenting an Atlas Lens Co Exclusive
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Express Your Vision For the Silver Screen

Five years ago, Atlas Lens Co. started on the path to make cinematography more interesting, more personal, and more rewarding. Our goal was to break new ground for cinematography through anamorphic lenses -- building the tools we wanted to use, but couldn’t attain.

As we developed greater capabilities, we built up a special reserve of selected optics, destined for unique coatings and precision augmented air spacings. Building a cache of special optics was a slow and dedicated process. This allowed us to dig deeper into how we might create a new, expressive and dynamic style of lenses that pay tribute to the rich history of cinema.

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Introducing the Atlas Orion Series Silver Edition.

The Silver Edition lenses maintain the modern, mechanically reliable performance that sets the Orion Series apart from vintage anamorphic lenses, all while celebrating aspects of the silver screen cinema era.

Precision-adjusted air space tunings paired with bold Silver Edition coatings result in expressive, reactive, yet chromatically refined anamorphic flares unlike any lens before.

Orion Silver Edition

Atlas Lens Co. is pleased to offer the Orion Series Silver Edition (SE), a limited edition run of all six Orion Series focal lengths built from our private optical reserve. The special reserve optics of the Orion SE offer a distinctly different aesthetic and visual performance, bringing a fresh take on classic anamorphic characteristics.

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Neutral flare characteristic

Orion SE’s dynamically reactive neutral flare characteristic takes on the color of your light source and provides more flexibility in expressing your desired look

Optimized tuning

Air spacings between elements have been optimized to provide a different focus fall-off (through-focus) characteristic from standard Orion Series lenses

Standard Orion features

Fast T2 aperture, crisp flat-field performance when stopped down to a T2.8 or more, and unified iris/focus position across all Orion Series, all in a modern and mechanically dependable design


Available in metric or imperial scales. Comes with PL mount and works with the Atlas 1.6x LF Extender

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for the Orion Silver Edition are available here

Limited Edition

Only 100 sets available, with reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis and no deposit required.

Filmed on Atlas

Technical Comparison with LF Extender

Orion SE and standard Orion Series

Technical Comparison without LF Extender

Orion SE and standard Orion Series

F-Stop Comparison

Orion SE and standard Orion Series

Orion Silver Edition Visual Demo

Orion SE with Arri Alexa Mini LF and RED Komodo

Limited Edition: $89,000

Only 100 sets available. Each Orion SE Set includes:
six camera lenses
Additional details
  • All reservations will be confirmed before proceeding to order and delivery. All orders are subject to availability at the time of reservation confirmation

  • All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery

  • Payment via wire transfer or ACH only

  • Contact for more information.

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