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21mm Orion Series Anamorphic Prime

Orion Series 21mm - The world’s widest front anamorphic cinema lens in production

Price $14,995.00
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Modern Conveniences
21mm Orion characteristics
  • Extremely low distortion Low distortion for an incredibly wide lens
  • Horizontal Field of view 129º horizontal field-of-view with 2x anamorphic squeeze
  • Close Focus 18” (1.5’) minimum/close focus
  • Pleasant spherical aberration Beautiful shallow depth-of-field
  • Complements Orion family Complements the Orion Series family of lenses (25/32/40/50/65/80/100)
Modern conveniences
  • Crisp flat-field performance Crisp flat-field performance when stopped down to a T2.8 or more
  • Fast T2 aperture T2 aperture with pleasant spherical aberration glow when wide open
  • Modern, mechanically dependable design Modern, mechanically dependable design (standardized across all 6 focal lengths)
  • Unified focus and iris position Unified focus and iris position (reduces need for adjustment when switching to different focal lengths)
  • Standardized outer diameter 136mm outer diameter for native use with a variety of matteboxes and filters

The Orion 21mm offers a pleasing level of character and distortion in a lightweight and compact form, all with a 133º horizontal field-of-view – the widest horizontal field-of-view of any Cinemascope format 35mm motion picture camera lens in production.

The Orion 21mm T2 is optimized for use on both film and digital sensors and offers:

  • Low distortion for an incredibly wide lens
  • 124º horizontal field-of-view with 2x anamorphic squeeze
  • 18” (1.5’) close focus
  • Covers traditional anamorphic 4:3 film and digital sensor formats up to 24.89mm x 18.66mm and covers full-frame formats edge-to-edge with Atlas 1.6x LF Extender
Product Details
  • Interchangeable Mount System with native PL or EF mount options
  • Works with E-mount or Micro 4/3 camera with appropriate adapters
  • Covers full-frame (FF), large format (LF) or Vistavision with our 1.6x LF Extender
  • Focus has a deep 270° travel rotation
  • Cine pitch 0.8 mod gearing on both iris and focus ring allow for simultaneous drive control, even when two motors are mounted on the same side of the lens

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Filmed on Orion 21mm

Atlas Orion 21mm

DIR/DP: Jon Pears


Liana Blackburn

Filmed on

Orion 21mm + RED V-Raptor


DP: Obi Okezie

Poem by


Orion 21mm + Nikon Z9

Serena Sun - Body (Official Music Video)

DP: Cathy Ye

Filmed on

Orion 21mm

Atlas Orion 21mm vs 25mm

DP: Jon Pears

Orion 21mm & 25mm + Red V-Raptor

Orion 21mm: Technical Specs

Aperture Range Min Focus Weight Length Front Diameter Image Circle Field of View Flange System Iris System
T2 - T161.5 ft / 0.45m6.9 lbs / 3.1 kg7.4 in / 18.7cm136mm31mm124°PL Mount14 Blade Rounded Iris