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25mm Orion: Bring your immersive vision to life

In creating an immersively cinematic experience, it seems that one can never go wide enough. Until now – Presenting the 25mm Orion Series.

Extremely low distortion for an incredibly wide lens
109º horizontal field-of-view with 2x anamorphic squeeze
18” (1.5’) close focus
Covers traditional anamorphic 4:3 film and digital sensor formats up to 24.89mm x 18.66mm
Covers full frame formats edge-to-edge with the Atlas 1.6x LF Extender
Complements the Orion Series family of lenses (32/40/50/65/80/100)
25mm camera lens
Visual Demos

25mm Orion: Incredibly wide, fast, and small

Atlas x Drive ft. 25mm Orion

Dir/DP: Jon Pears

Filmed on

Orion Series + RED Komodo

Atlas x Drive ft. 25mm Orion

Driver: Dan Clarke

Atlas x Drive ft. 25mm Orion
Atlas x Dance

Dir/Dr: Jon Pears

Choreography by

Liana Blackburn

Filmed on

Orion 25mm + RED Komodo

25mm Orion: Technical Specs

Aperture Range Min Focus Weight Length Front Diameter Image Circle Flange system Iris System Focus Scale and Drive
T2 - T161.5 FT6.2 LBS7.4 IN136 MM31 MMPL Mount14 Blade Rounded Iris180º rotation
0.45 M2.8 KG18.7 CMEF option availableStandard across all Orion SeriesCine pitch 0.8mm mod gearing
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