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Anamorphic For All

For cinematographers, by cinematographers

We’re a modern anamorphic cinema lens maker on a mission to democratize cinematography.

We started Atlas Lens Co. with two goals in mind: To create the lenses that we wanted to use for our own films, while making them accessible to more cinematographers and image-makers everywhere.

Headquartered in Glendale, CA, we design and manufacture affordable, high-performance cinema tools that deliver vintage anamorphic aesthetics with the conveniences of modern mechanical design. Our lenses are designed to empower innovative image-makers to bring their visions to life.

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We hope you’ll join us in using Atlas Lens Co. to create work that’s more interesting, more personal, and more rewarding.
Rebels with an <strong class="textlink">optical cause</strong>

Rebels with an optical cause

In 2016, we — lead designer Forrest Schultz and cinematographer Dan Kanes — started out in a garage with the goal of designing an anamorphic lens from the ground up. Our vision was to create professional-grade cinema lenses that were balanced and robust, yet accessible and affordable to more people.

We unveiled our first 65mm Orion Series prototype at NAB 2017. The demand has exceeded even our own expectations, since there still aren’t many viable options in the market for an affordable, professional-grade, anamorphic solution.

Love Anamorphic Lenses?

Test drive Orion Series with a live demo

Now offering in-person or virtual demos

Test out our Orion Series and Silver Edition lenses at our new headquarters and demo space in Glendale, CA. Bring your camera or choose from our collection of cinema cameras and try out the full range of Atlas anamorphics in person! If you’re not able to visit, we offer full virtual demos via Zoom, where our anamorphic experts can show you our full lineup and easily compare the Orion Series against Silver Edition Orions.

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We are truly humbled and honoured to have a chance in changing cinematography for the better.

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