Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions


When will the lenses begin shipping?

The "A" Set Orion Series Anamorphic primes (40mm, 65mm, and 100mm) have already begun shipping as of June 2018. Shipments are allocated based on the time an order was placed. We understand and are pleased that people are very excited to get the lenses, but please have patience, they are being delivered as fast as we make them and put them through a complex series of quality assurance tests. Our expert logistics team will contact you one to two weeks prior to a purchased set being allocated to ship. Orion Series "B" sets are due to begin delivery in Q2 2019 - we recommend placing your order as soon as you are comfortable for either A set or B set, as the delivery queue is based on deposit timestamp.



We are currently backordered on both A and B sets. For information about estimated delivery time based on deposit placed today, please use the contact form below.


hOW CAN I Place my PRE-ORDER? 

Payment for pre order deposits are handled directly through the website and you can visit www.atlaslensco.com/buy to place an order. If you require an alternative payment method, please contact us directly by using the form below or email at info@atlaslensco.com

We also accept wire transfer for deposit or payment, and you may contact our logistics team via the contact form below, with your requested purchase items, Name, Company Name, Delivery Address, phone number and email address.

 What lens mounts are available? Metric or Imperial Scales? 

The Orion Series lenses always ship by default with Arri PL mounts. You may purchase optional EF mounts to interchange with the PL mounts. All other generally used mounts adapt to PL or EF (example - sony E, Micro 4/3). We confirm whether someone wants Metric or Imperial measurement scales on final outgoing processing for every order, and you may purchase additional scales if you wish to swap between metric and imperial focus marks.


For questions regarding Atlas Lens Co. products fill out the form below along with your question or email directly to info@atlaslensco.com

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