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Revar Cine Mini for RED® V-RAPTOR™️ + 65mm Orion Kit

Orion 65mm + RED V-Raptor Model

1:2 Scale model with realistic details: This officially licensed scale model of the Atlas 65mm T2.0 Anamorphic lens is a realistic representation of real Orion Series Lenses. It has accurate scale dimensions with simulated gears and glass front element. Attachment of the lens to the RED V-RAPTOR camera body is done via C-Mount thread-in with simulated PL mount tabs.

Built to Last: Constructed of high quality solid block of anodized aluminum, this premium scale model of the Atlas Orion and RED V-Raptor will pass the test of time as the perfect conversation piece.

Price $299.00
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a perfect conversation piece
1:2 Scale Model

These fully featured 1:2 scale models command attention with both impressive size and weight. The details are so realistic you will think it is a real camera.


The camera with lens mounted is approximately 5" (125mm) long, 2" (50mm) wide and 2" (50mm) high. Weighing in at 1.8 lbs (800g), this is a solid model of the highest quality and feel.

Revar Cine Mini for Atlas Orion Series and RED V-RAPTOR Scale Model in partnership with Revar Cine.

Featuring a hefty 1.8 lbs (800g) solid aluminum construction, this realistic scale model is finished in the highest quality machined details with premium anodized finish to truly replicate the real equipment.