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Service and repair

Our in-house team of expert technicians can help with all Atlas lens servicing needs, from preventative maintenance to customized service and repair.
Services we offer
General maintenance and tuning

We’re happy to evaluate the condition of your lens and provide a maintenance or repair estimate for cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment.

EF mount calibration
(free with EF mount purchase)
  • If you’ve already received your lenses but would like to order EF mounts: Please send in your lenses to our service team for back focus calibration. While the EF mount calibration service is free of charge, we ask that you cover round-trip shipping.
  • If you ordered your lenses with EF mounts already installed: All EF mounts ordered with lenses will be calibrated to each respective lens and will have the correct total shim thickness marked on the inside of the mount.
  • If there are no shim counts noted: Please contact our service team with your lens serial numbers – we may have your calibration information in our database (Please note: All shim counts are specific to each mount/lens combo). Otherwise, we can schedule a collimation service for your lenses to provide the correct data for each mount and lens.
Front or rear element replacement

We offer replacement services for L1 front or rear spherical elements. Prices vary depending on the focal lengths, so please contact our service team for more information.

Warranty coverage
Is your lens covered?

All of our lenses are covered under a 12-month limited warranty. We stand by our work and will replace any defective parts and repair any problems caused by our error.

If someone dropped or dented your lens, or you took it to a beach shoot and it's now full of sand, unfortunately accidental damage or normal wear and tear is not covered by the limited warranty. Please contact our service team to request an estimate.

Shipping for warranty repairs

We ask that you cover shipping of your lenses to our Atlas HQ facilities, and we will cover return shipping.

Request service
Before requesting service:

For any focus-related issues: We recommend first checking the back focus on your camera is accurate, as this might help save your lenses the trip to our HQ! We recommend using a flange depth checker to measure your back focus.

Ready to send in your lenses
for service?

Contact our service team at with your lens information and a description of the issue. Please be as specific as possible – photos are always appreciated!

Our service team will then respond with an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and provide instructions on how to send in your lenses to our service facilities. No services will be conducted without an RMA number.

What our service process looks like:
  1. Once your lenses arrive, our team will perform diagnostic checks and share with you our findings. We will also provide quotes for recommended services and an estimated service timeline.*
  2. After you review and decide to move forward with the service quotes, we will send you a formal invoice. Once payment is confirmed, our technicians will begin work on your lenses.
  3. Once your lens service is complete, we will email you about the status of your lenses and coordinate shipping your lenses back to you.

*Service time may vary depending on the severity of the issue and how busy our service team is at the time of your lens’ arrival.

Technical documentation
Orion Series Owner’s Manual Download
Orion Series Technical Specifications Download
1.6x Extender Printable Check Gauge Download
1.4x Expander Printable Check Gauge Download

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.