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Orion Silver Edition 28MM Anamorphic Prime

Introducing the Atlas Orion Series Silver Edition.

The Silver Edition lenses maintain the modern, mechanically reliable performance that sets the Orion Series apart from vintage anamorphic lenses, all while celebrating aspects of the silver screen cinema era.
Price $16,495.00
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  • Streak flare Neutral Flare Characteristic
  • Waterfall bokeh Waterfall bokeh
  • Disproportionate perspective magnification Optimized tuning for a different focus fall-off (through-focus)
  • Pleasing barrel distortion Pleasing barrel distortion
  • Pleasant spherical aberration Limited edition with only 100 sets available
Modern conveniences
  • Crisp flat-field performance Crisp flat-field performance when stopped down to a T2.8 or deeper
  • Fast T2 aperture Fast T2 aperture
  • Modern, mechanically dependable design Modern, mechanically dependable design (standardized across all 6 focal lengths)
  • Unified focus and iris position Unified focus and iris position (reduces need for adjustment when switching to different focal lengths)
  • Standardized outer diameter Standardized 114mm outer diameter for native use with a variety of matteboxes and filters
25mm Orion Series Silver Edition - Incredibly wide, fast, and small.

Cinematographers the world over love the look of Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses. In creating an immersive, cinematic experience it seems that one can never go wide enough.

Until now.

The Orion SE 25mm T2 is the fast, wide-angle anamorphic lens you’ve been looking for - whether you are adding it to your existing set of Orion Series lenses, or just in need of the fastest, close focus capable 25mm 2x Anamorphic lens in the world.

Filmed on Atlas

Orion Silver Edition Visual Demo

Orion SE with Arri Alexa Mini LF and RED Komodo