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July Almanac: What’s new -- Atlas 1.4x Expander, Orion 21mm vs 25mm, and Recent #FilmedonAtlas

July Almanac: What’s new -- Atlas 1.4x Expander, Orion 21mm vs 25mm, and Recent #FilmedonAtlas

Jul 21, 2022

Comparing the Atlas 1.4x expander with 1.6x extender

The brand new Atlas 1.4x LF Expander allows the Orion Series lenses to provide 35mm x 24mm full frame coverage to your sensor. The 1.4x expansion offers a new creative freedom with a stylistic falloff when compared to the 1.6x LF Extender.

DP Jon Pears compares both the Atlas 1.4x LF expander with the 1.6x LF extender on the Orion Series 21mm and 25mm.

Orion 21mm or 25mm?

The new Atlas Orion Series 21mm and 25mm focal lengths allow a wider field of view to match perfectly with the Orion Series. Both lenses consist of a T2 iris and 1.5” close focus. Check out the visual comparison of the Orion 21mm and 25mm paired with the RED V-Raptor.

For more information on or to preorder each focal length, click below. We also offer live demos if you'd like to test drive any lenses or accessories.

Recent #FilmedonAtlas

"Alone Together" with Martim Vian, AIP

“Our movie was done intimately, mostly at one location, and without a huge crew or a ton of equipment. I had used the Atlas before in commercials and music videos, and knew they were the right choice. I wanted a lens set that was small, to fit into the small rooms we had, and be as inconspicuous as possible. That allowed the actors to do their work without feeling a cumbersome camera system around them. The size and weight of the Orions meant I could be nimble and play more like a fly-in-the-wall, giving the actors the confidence to move around the set and find their performances, knowing the camera would be able to follow them and capture it all.

At the same time, we had a few night scenes to light, and knowing I could work at a T2.0 for those gave me some comfort during prep, and meant we didn't have to sacrifice the look of the movie on some of our more technically challenging scenes. There aren't a lot of anamorphic lenses out there that are that bright."⁠ -- Martim Vian, AIP

"Special Delivery" with Fujifilm X-H2S and Orion Silver Edition

DP Jon Pears uses the Orion Silver Edition lenses with the new Fujifilm X-H2S to create this action-packed visual. The Orion Silver Edition's unique focus fall-off and neutral flares, paired with FujiFilm's unique 5th generation Xtrans sensor, makes the color and density of the film POP!

"Idolatry" with the Orion 21mm and Nikon Z9

"I loved using the 21mm focal length for this project. The distortion gave it a personal feel that not only brought out the emotion of the actor but the entire piece. If this was just a spherical lens, it would lose all the anamorphic qualities I loved, so I’m glad I was able to keep the anamorphic characteristic while capturing the entire set."
-- Obi Okezie, Cinematographer, Idolatry

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Test drive Orion Series anamorphic lenses!

Try out the full range of Atlas lenses with our anamorphic experts and easily compare the Orion Series against Silver Edition Orions with in-person or virtual demos.