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Orion Shim Pack

These precision-cut shims allow for adjusting the flange focal distance of your mount to maximize the performance of your Orion Series lenses.

Price $44.00
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Modern Conveniences
Regular Shim Pack
Shims included
• 0.02mm - x2
• 0.03mm - x2
• 0.05mm - x1
• 0.1mm - x1
• 0.12mm - x1
• 0.15mm - x1
• 0.18mm - x1
• 0.2mm - x1
• 0.5mm - x1

Total Quantity: 11 shims

Jumbo Shim Pack
Shims included
• 0.02mm - x5
• 0.03mm - x5
• 0.05mm - x4
• 0.1mm - x4
• 0.12mm - x3
• 0.15mm - x3
• 0.18mm - x3
• 0.2mm - x3
• 0.5mm - x3

Total Quantity: 33 shims

Both EF and PL mounts are user-swappable with the Orion Series interchangeable mount system. Mounts can be easily changed with the recommended number of shims (marked on the inside of each mount) and a T6 Torx driver in a clean environment. 

  • All shims are stainless steel and are stamped with their thickness value for easy recognition.

  • All mounts ordered with lenses will be calibrated to the lens and will come with the correct total shim thickness marked on the inside of the mount. Please take care to use the mount shim thickness indicated.

  • For instructions on how to swap out mounts, please see the Orion Series Owner’s Manual (page 7).


Regular Shim Pack SKU: ALC-107
Jumbo Shim Pack SKU: ALC-107