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Atlas Almanac: Test drive Orion Series plus some recent #FilmedOnAtlas favorites

Atlas Almanac: Test drive Orion Series plus some recent #FilmedOnAtlas favorites

Feb 10, 2022

Test drive Orion Series anamorphic lenses!

Now offering Orion Series in-person or virtual demos

Test out our Orion Series and Silver Edition lenses at our new headquarters and demo space in Glendale, CA. Bring your camera or choose from our collection of cinema cameras and try out the full range of Atlas anamorphics in person! If you’re not able to visit, no worries! We offer full virtual demos via Zoom, where our anamorphic experts can show you our full lineup and easily compare the Orion Series against Silver Edition Orions.

#FilmedOnAtlas Highlights: Capturing the visual satire of "Don’t Look Up" to the dark mood of a historical epic for "Germinal"

"Don’t Look Up" with Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF and ICG Magazine

For Sandgren and McKay, "We agreed that 35mm would be the ‘base’ truth, how the world ‘really’ is. [...] Then we’d create disparate looks to capture the feeling of varied media that we encounter every day. [...] We tested anamorphic lenses, and found the new Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses [made in Burbank] performed extremely well." Read more about #TheSkyisFalling in the new issue of ICG Magazine.

"Germinal" filmed by Xavier Dolléans, AFC on #AtlasOrions for France Télévisions

"Anamorphic format was evidently our choice because of the texture it imparts to the image, which I feel is especially important for a television broadcast. [...] After comparing about twenty different series, I finally chose the Atlas Orions, which checked all of the boxes for this project. They have a bit of a vintage rendering, similar to Panavision C series, with horizontal blue flares, aberrations at the edges at around F2.8 while remaining sharp in the centre."

#FilmedOnAtlas: Sachin Tendulkar for Unacademy

India-based Cinematographer R.Dee decided to use our Orion Series for this Unacademy promo featuring the World Cup cricket champion Sachin Tendulkar.⁠ Using the Atlas Orion anamorphics with the Arri Alexa SXT provided some unique characteristics with low light performance. For night shots, R.Dee shot wide open at a T2 and during the day, he shot at a T2.8.

"I really love these lenses. I'm gonna use them again." ⁠- R. Dee

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